George Chapman Technical Certification School

This school is a must for anyone wanting to work in a pro-shop or someone thinking of starting a new archery business.

Topics Covered

  • Compound bow technology
  • How to replace string and cables and properly reset cam timing
  • Two cam, Single cam, Hybrid cam and Binary cam systems
  • Latest tuning methods
  • Proper and safe use of a bow press
  • Types of risers
  • How to calculate kinetic energy
  • How to measure draw length by ATA standards
  • How to inspect and completely tear down, repair and rebuild a compound bow
  • How to change a left hand bow to a right hand bow
  • How to measure tiller and brace height
  • How to measure power stroke and what it does
  • Latest arrow materials and designs
  • Understanding arrow spine
  • How to find the % of let off (effective & actual )
  • How manufacturers figure IBO ratings
  • How to set up and adjust fletching jigs, properly fletch and cut arrows.
  • How to level a sight using 1st, 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments
  • Arrow rest design and proper set up
    And much, much more…………..